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I have learned a few things from kids photography. No doubt, it involves a lot of communication, body gestures and of course silly jokes. They are fast and furious so you have got to beat them otherwise, no pictures for you man.

Special thanks to Dora Nasution & Sakhee Shamsuddin for helping us out during this session.

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Nadia & Amin / Pre-Wedding

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It was a challenge session for me because this was impromptu. A sudden request after I have just finished all my films and considering it was 4 Syawal, not many shops opened and I had to drive all through the town to find whatever available films. Fortunately I found Superia 200 but then the sky was getting dark when we got to the location. It was alright but I was shooting at a very minimum speed, hand held (average speed was 1/30-1/60). Gotta be as sturdy as tripod and man, it was not easy at all.

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Contax 645


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After a long wait, my cadillac is finally here, the amazing Contax 645 with Planar 80mm f/2. Frankly speaking, it is like a dream. It is not easy to find this beast nowadays considering everyone who’s in film photography would like to own one. I must say there are a lot of things to learn with Contax 645. There configuration is pretty much the same but to get the hang of it probably takes a while. All images above were taken on Fuji Pro 400H.


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Sunway Palazzio

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Had a chance to shoot Sunway Palazzio, Sri Hartamas a week ago. Thank you Ahady for your great company and behind the scene photos. This set was shot on Agfa Vista Plus 400.

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Small Gathering

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Tested out Tudorcolor XLX 200 for the 2nd time during Aidilfitri open house at in law’s place last week. The look is pretty much similar to Fuji and I kind of love it. Now I have 20 rolls of Tudor to finish. We shall see.

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Mardiana Sani


Had a chance to photograph Mardiana Sani, the talented and award-winning Malaysian-born photographer based in Melbourne. Check out her amazing portfolio.

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The Ghazali Family

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First hired works in film by FFP. Thank you to the Ghazali Bujang family for the opportunity.

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