Pulau Rawa, Mersing, Johor

First and foremost, what an amazing trip. Probably one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been. At least within Malaysia. Fortunately the weather forecast was inaccurate when it said it would be raining on Sunday but it wasn’t! Sunny all the way till we all burnt our skin.

Drove from KL via North South Highway south bound at 3.30 in the morning. Exited Ayer Hitam and continued to Mersing via Kluang. It was a smooth journey but the road was very dark at night and jalan dia macam jalan balik Kelantan dulu dulu (for those yang tahu lah). From Ayer Hitam, it took me 1 hour 45 minutes to get to Mersing Jetty. Overall the journey took 3 and a half hours from KL to Mersing Jetty. I have to start driving at 3.30 in the morning because I wanted to catch the earliest boat to Pulau Rawa, 9.00am. So basically sampai tu mesti lah nak solat Subuh dulu, parking kereta (RM 18 per night) then breakfast. Just nice lah nak pergi toilet ke, freshen up ke. Tak kalut. Unless you plan to stay a night in Mersing then even better tak payah nak rush.

Boat from jetty to Pulau Rawa took 30 minutes. I think the service was superb. Makanan pun best giler. Suitable for all tak kira tua muda, single or family dengan anak anak. I also think the resort is probably a little bit more expensive than other islands because it is a private island. So, sesape yang nak kan ketenangan, melayan jiwa karat yang lara, aku hidup dalam blues, sangat sesuai. Kalau tengok water slides dia memang tak nak kalah. Best nak mampos. Aku naik more than 20 times sampai sakit badan. Tip dia kena bukak baju baru licin naik slide!


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Touching Strangers

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You read it right. So, I was at Manly Beach, Sydney and I touched every single stranger I met (well, not really). And I’m telling you, only 1 out of all rejected me. It was that good till I became addicted to it and I wanted to touch everybody on the beach! LOL.

Shot on Contax 645 with probably some Fuji Pro 400H and Kodak Portra 400.

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Sydney, Australia

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So, I was in Sydney for the Film Is Not Dead workshop in March. Stayed in Narrabeen for 4 days, where the workshop was held and 2 days in the city. FIND Sydney photos will be up very very soon as I just got back my last 5 rolls from the FIND lab. It was freakin’ amazing and I couldn’t think of any better investment to learn about film photography but to attend FIND workshop.

By the way, these were taken on a Contax 645 with various films – Fuji Pro 160NS, Fuji Pro 400H, Kodak Portra 160 and Kodak Portra 800. I had one day to spare before leaving for Malaysia so I walked from Kings Cross (where I stayed) to Sydney Opera House. It took me 2 hours (30 minutes if you walk non stop) to get there because I kept stopping every 5-10 minutes to take pictures. It was worth it.

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Bali, Indonesia

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Freakin’ awesome trip to Bali with my buddies Sakhee, Wan and Adam. We went in January but it felt just a week ago. Photos were shot on a Nikon F6 with I think mostly Kodak ColorPlus 200 and black and white on Neopan 400.

For those who do not know, I do destination weddings and portraiture too! Drop me a line for more details!

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Langkawi Twenty Thirteen

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If I could describe a perfect and blissful holiday, this is it. Everything went smoothly when the weather was super nice. More importantly, I have no trouble carrying my camera wherever I go. Unlike Koh Lipe, it was an unfortunate trip because of the weather condition. Nevertheless, the island was absolutely beautiful.

Langkawi on the other hand, was fabulous.

For photographers: This set was shot on Nikon F6 with Agfa Vista Plus 400.

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Koh Lipe Citizens

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One of my favourite things to do while travelling is to capture faces of local citizens. To be honest, at first I was afraid to ask but when I think again, I have got nothing to lose. If they refuse, I will just walk away. Well, guess what? I was fortunate during this trip because non rejected me.

I’m not familiar with asking complete strangers to be photographed. In fact, this was my first time but all I can say is, smile, smile and smile and insya’Allah they will smile back at you. Once you’ve got the eye contact, the process becomes smoother. Most of the time they will say yes.

Most of my shots here were taken with Nikon F6 + Tudorcolor XLX 200 and Superia Xtra 400. Photo of the bald guy, shirtless with a scar line on his stomach was shot on Contax 645 + Pro 400H.

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Koh Lipe, Thailand

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My friends and I recently took a trip to Koh Lipe, Thailand. It was an amazing experience regardless the weather condition to say the least. I could imagine if the weather was bright and shining, it would have been extremely wonderful. That did not happen until the last day before we left. You can see the photos look different towards the end.

However, we enjoyed our 4D3N stay at Bundhaya Resort. Customer service was fantastic. The food? Damn I would come back for that. There were 2 places we went everyday for snacking and coffee. I don’t remember the name of these places but they make great Brazilian coffee and Nutella bread. Look for that if you’re there.

Don’t forget to make your way to sunrise and sunset beach or if you’re staying on that side of the island, it should be in front of you lol. Amazing view and photo opportunity. All in all, I would come back to Koh Lipe for many reasons with hope that the weather will be kind to me in the next visit.

For photographers, this set was shot on Contax 645 + Pro 400H and Nikon F6 + Superia Xtra 400 and Tudorcolor XLX 200.

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