Budak Limau Purut

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Time is slipping away. If I don’t bring my camera wherever I go, the moments will pass just like that. She is so precious. I don’t want her to grow up. Stay as you are and I will take care of you forever. My love for you is unconditional. Never I want the world to hurt you even in the blink of an eye.

Shot on Contax 645 with Portra 400.

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Sydney, Australia

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So, I was in Sydney for the Film Is Not Dead workshop in March. Stayed in Narrabeen for 4 days, where the workshop was held and 2 days in the city. FIND Sydney photos will be up very very soon as I just got back my last 5 rolls from the FIND lab. It was freakin’ amazing and I couldn’t think of any better investment to learn about film photography but to attend FIND workshop.

By the way, these were taken on a Contax 645 with various films – Fuji Pro 160NS, Fuji Pro 400H, Kodak Portra 160 and Kodak Portra 800. I had one day to spare before leaving for Malaysia so I walked from Kings Cross (where I stayed) to Sydney Opera House. It took me 2 hours (30 minutes if you walk non stop) to get there because I kept stopping every 5-10 minutes to take pictures. It was worth it.

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The Hakim Family

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Had a good fun last Sunday shooting this beautiful family of Hakim, Azra and their son Umair. I must say the little guy was really tough. He could last for almost 2 hours without complaining. Thank you guys for the wonderful session.

This set was shot on Nikon F6 + Tudorcolor XLX 200 and Contax 645 + Portra 160.

Let’s get your family in front of my camera. Drop me a line!

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Iedil Putra & Nadiya Nisaa


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Had a chance to photograph groom’s best friend, Iedil Putra and bride’s sister, Nadiya Nisaa from Ari & Min’s wedding.

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Ari & Min

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Wonderful session with wonderful people. Although it was raining, sky was really dark and I thought well, we might have to postpone this session to another day. Waited for almost an hour and I already gave up. As I was packing up my stuff and ready to leave, suddenly the luck was on my side! Alhamdulillah.

It’s cute as I began to shoot this lovely couple, Min said “Faris, you only click the shutter one time.” I replied, “Well, yes Min because every shot counts.” Min didn’t realize until a few minutes later, “Oh, you’re shooting with film!” Can’t really mess up with film or else you might end up wasting it. I believe it’s a good practice.

Thank you Ari and Min for your time and patience. You guys did a great job!

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Hot Sunny Day

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Out on a hot sunny day at the beach? Sounds perfect. Need to get some fresh air when you had too much food during Eid. Besides, there’s nothing more fun than spending time with your loved ones. My wife told me “Ah, how I wish there’s a beach 15 minutes away from our place”. I replied “That’s possible if we move to Kota Bharu”. Perhaps one day? :-)

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