Tudorcolor XLX 200


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I have learned a few things from kids photography. No doubt, it involves a lot of communication, body gestures and of course silly jokes. They are fast and furious so you have got to beat them otherwise, no pictures for you man.

Special thanks to Dora Nasution & Sakhee Shamsuddin for helping us out during this session.

Want your family or kids to be photographed by me? Drop us a line!

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Small Gathering

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Tested out Tudorcolor XLX 200 for the 2nd time during Aidilfitri open house at in law’s place last week. The look is pretty much similar to Fuji and I kind of love it. Now I have 20 rolls of Tudor to finish. We shall see.

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Tudorcolor XLX 200

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I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this film in the shop as we normally hear Fujifilm and Kodak but not Tudor. Especially for someone new to film. Well, my assumption was completely wrong. This film is absolutely amazing! Never underestimate anything before you see the result. Keep experimenting!

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